How-To Sony Vegas: Fade Audio In & Out

This How-To post will show you how to Fade Audio In & Out on Sony Vegas.

This is a really great effect to add to your videos which can help improve your audio performance and is very easy and simple to create.

Step 1:
First thing we need to do is open a new Sony Vegas file and input you video file you want to edit (either drag and drop the video onto the screen or click “file” “import”).


Step 2:
Fading in and out is done exactly same so first choose what you want to do. For the purpose of the post I’ll be fading the audio out. So go to the audio track and at the end of it in the top right corner there should be a little blue triangle corner piece.


Step 3:
In order to make the fade occur, click and drag this as far as desired. When you drag the bar it will say how many seconds it is currently at, continue to drag until you reach the desired amount of time.


To fade in, drag the corner from the other side and the same effect will occur.

So that’s how to Fade Videos In & Out on Sony Vegas. If you have anymore questions you want answered, submit them on the “Submit a Question” page and I’ll be happy to help post an answer for you. All likes and shares are appreciated to help other users find the answers to their questions.


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